- Dashboard for your iPad

Utilizing the latest in HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery
You've got one of the greatest devices in the world at your fingertips, why not make it fantastic?

A popular feature that has been missing from the iPad since its launch is Dashboard. Apple has shown no sign of including Dashboard on the iPad, and Dashboard-like apps have been rejected from the App Store.

Say hello to Dashpad! Dashpad allows you to run Dashboard on your iPad through Mobile Safari. Utilizing the latest in HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, Dashpad gives you all the functionality of Dashboard with a native app feeling.
Run as many widgets as you want, all at once
Dashpad not only works great, but looks great too.
No jailbreak required
Dashpad runs without having to jailbreak your iPad.
Dashpad has been redesigned with new widgets and a better UI.
There are no crazy menus or confusing layouts, it's clean all the way.
If you leave Dashpad, your widgets won’t move and your content won’t change!
iPad + iPad 2
Dashpad works on the original iPad along with the iPad 2.
Always updated
Dashpad is constantly being updated, and always installs the latest version for you.
Click to see the included Dashpad widgets
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Sticky Note
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Q.) Is Dashpad still supported?
A.) Sadly, no. You can email us about this if you'd like.

Q.) How do I install Dashpad after purchasing it?
A.) After purchasing Dashpad, you will receive an email with your license information in it. You can then enter that information on the login page, and will then be taken to the Dashpad app.

Q.) How will I know if Dashpad is updated? Do I have to pay again?
A.) Dashpad is constantly being updated, and updates are installed automatically. You can check the current version of Dashpad by looking at the menu bar inside the Dashpad app. Minor updates are free, while major updates may require a small upgrade fee.

Q.) Can I add my own custom widgets to Dashpad?
A.) No, you can not currently add custom widgets to Dashpad. We’re still working on this.

Q.) I purchased Dashpad v1, do I need to pay for v2?
A.) Yes, Dashpad v2 is a paid upgrade.

If you have any more questions about Dashpad, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.